Hardstyle Elements Q&A: Compression, what is it?

“Compressors helps us control dynamics, you don’t want the sound to move up and down in the volume in the mix. Thats why we use compression to even out the signal.

There are many Compressors available on the market but most of them have similar settings. Limiters are also Compressors but with fixed ratio, attack settings, in basic Compressors we can change Attack, Release, Knee, Ratio, Threshold, Make Up Gain

To understand compression more, Try this as exercise, import Drum Loop, add Two Waveform Analyzers and Compressor in-between to the track, In Compressor change Attack, Release and Threshold to the lowest value, Ratio to the highest. Now play the sound, and adjust Attack first, Release second, then Ratio, and Threshold. Listen what it does and check the Waveform. Browse through presets.

TIP: To avoid over compressing make sure to set proper release time, so it goes back to zero on Gain Reduction meter.”

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