Hardstyle Elements Q&A: How to use EQ?

“When we use equalizer we basically boost and remove frequencies to create space in the mix.

Most common techniques

– Boosting and cutting fighting frequencies, for example boosting 500Hz on Kick and cutting 500Hz on Lead

– Mid/Side Eq, Mono/Stereo for example Removing any stereo signal below 200Hz,

– Removing unnecessary frequencies using LowCuts and HighCuts, remove frequencies below 30hz and 18-20kHz, we can’t hear them and they take up headroom, especially if you use synthesizers and do sound design. You can remove any frequencies below fundamental of instrument, make a low-cut or high cut and adjust frequency knob until you can hear change in the sound, back up a little and leave it.

– Removing resonant frequencies, use Bell Filter, set Resonance and Gain to high level, now using Frequency knob you can “scan” for resonant frequencies, you will basically hear annoying sound, but make sure you don’t cut too much as this can make it sound lifeless, most of the time you gonna use this for LowMid and Mid frequencies in the mix.”

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