Check out Nimble Kick by Nimble Tools updated to 1.2.3

From the developer of Misstortion comes Nimble Kick, a kick sampler. Mainly used for pitching hardstyle kicks, it features several great pitching algorithms specifically suited & tweaked for this purpose.

Some of the main features include:

  • Drag and drop a sample into the plugin and start playing notes directly with midi!
  • Punch and tail separation – an option to only pitch the tail or to pitch the whole sample.
  • Four different pitching algorithms to choose from. *
  • Midi note velocity controlling the note output volume.
  • Dynamic pitch bending of the kick tail.
  • An option for either monophonic or polyphonic output.
  • An ADSR envelope for notes.
  • Sample trimming and normalizing.
  • Option to make the punch mono.
  • Brickwall limiter.
  • Distortion section with an option to only distort the tail of the kick.
  • Kick FX section for quick distortion effects.
  • Post-processing filter section with shelves and peak.
  • Individual section volume controls.
  • Advanced transient control options.
  • Punch reverb options.

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