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Q&A Most asked questions answered
“Q: How to make a kick?”
“Q: What to use for kicks? Any Tips?”

“Q: Hardstyle Kicks more “crunch””character” how to get that sound?”

“Q: How to create punch for my kicks?”

“Q: How to make a Kick play melody? How to pitch a Kick?”

“Q: When I play higher notes of the kick, it change its volume, how to fix that?”

“Q: Using Compressor on a kick for mixing?”

“Q: Reverb on kicks?”

“Q: Kick Fx, Fills how to do this?”

“Q: Good drum samples?”

“Q: Mixdown?”

“Q: Compression, what is it?”

“Q: How to use EQ?”

“Q: How to use reference tracks inside DAW?”

“Q: How to get more “tight” “quality” sound?”

“Q: How do I know when the sound is ready?”

“Q: Work in audio? What if I don’t know what pattern/melody my synths gonna play?”

“Q: How to make my Mixes more Full?”

“Q: I heard about glueing sounds together, what it means?”

“Q: What about compression on master bus?”

“Q: How to beef up my signal?”

“Q: Ok SoundDesign is the most important thing, I get it. but how do I get better at it?”

“Q: How to get better at synthesis?”

“Q: When I add reverb to my Leads it gets muddy quickly, how to solve that?”

“Q: How to layer leads?”

“Q: How to add punch to my lead?”

“Q: Lead Bus/Group Fx”

“Q: How to make my leads cleaner, tighter?”

“Q: How to make my Leads “wider”?”

“Q: Where can I get Vocals & Voices for my tracks?”

“Q: How to make Vocals more “stereo” “full” ?”

“Q: What fx can I use on vocals?”

“Q: Vocal Fx, how to make these?”

“Q: Mixing Vocal during drop?”

“Q: My tracks sound bad does mixing gonna make it sound good?”

“Q: My mix sounds bad does mastering gonna make my mix sound better?”

“Q: I can’t find any good mixing/mastering tutorials, any tips?”

“Q: Should I buy studio monitors? Does it gonna improve my production?”

“Q: I tried to use reference tracks but they are too loud, that makes it difficult to judge my own mixes, any tips?”

“Q: Cinematic Sounds, Other Instruments, Choirs and Sound Effects, where can i get them?”

“Q: I want to add cinematic & other instruments to create atmosphere in my tracks, any tips?”


“Q: I don’t know how to start, any tips?”

“Q: How to progress faster? How to get better?”

“Q: How to not get stuck? Any workflow tips?”

“Q: I have watched mixing & mastering tutorials, but they are mainly for rock, pop music, do you got any recommendations for edm music?”

“Q: Do I need to go to school to produce better music?”

“Q: Any plugins recommendations?”

“Q: Which VST synthesizers are good?”

“Q: Which distortion plugins are good to use?”

“Q: Mixing & Mastering Plugins?”

“Q: Which Reverb plugins are good?”

“Q: Which “special fx” plugins are good?”

“Q: Which Filter plugins are good?”

“Q: What Analyzer Plugins are good?”