Hardstyle Elements Q&A: Any plugins recommendations?

Q: Which VST synthesizers are good?

Spire by Reveal Sound

Serum by Xfer

Sylenth.1 by LennarDigital

Dune3 by Synapse Audio

Zebra by U-he

Massive by Native Instruments

FM8 by Native Instruments

Diva by U-he

RAW by Rob Papen many RAW Hardstyle Producers use this one.

Q: Which distortion plugins are good to use?

Clip distortion inside Logic Pro

Phase Distortion inside Logic Pro

Saturn by FabFilter

PSP Vintage Warmer 2

CamelPhat 3 by Camel Audio

Filterbank by tone2

Devastator by D16

Trash 2 by iZotope

Q: Mixing & Mastering Plugins?

Inflator by Sonnox – It works similar to saturation and limiter, but it isn’t, works nice on buses and master

Pro L by FabFilter – Limiter

Pro Q by FabFilter – Equalizer with Mid/Side option

Pro MB by FabFilter – Multiband Compressor

Ozone by iZotope – Mastering Suite

Neutron by iZotope – Mixing plugin

Insight by iZotope – Analyzer

PSP Vintage Warmer 2 – It’s saturation plugin

Clipper plugins check it online what it does

S(M)exoscope by Smartelectronix – Waveform analyzer

Q: Which Reverb plugins are good?

Valhalla Room – Very light CPU usage

2CAudio Aether – One of the best reverbs for sound design and fx


Space Designer inside Logic Pro

Convolution Reverbs – High Quality but very CPU intensive

Lexicon Reverbs mainly LexHall

Q: Which “special fx” plugins are good?

Stutter Edit by iZotope

Effectrix by Sugar Bytes

Tornado by Sugar Bytes

Soundtoys Bundle

MTotalBundle by Melda Productions – They have free bundle version, it has lots of plugins

Remember, you can also get some nice fx using audio editing features of your DAW

Q: Which Filter plugins are good?

Wow by Sugar Bytes

Volcano2 by FabFilter

Filterbank by Tone2

Q: What Analyzer Plugins are good?

S(M)exoscope by Smartelectronix – Waveform analyzer

Span by Voxengo – Free Spectrum Analyzer

Magic AB by Sample Magic – Great plugin to AB mixes, sounds etc.

Insight by iZotope – Advanced Multi Analyzer

TT Dynamic Range Meter

CurveEQ by Voxengo – You can save EQ curves. Good for sounddesign, reference

MMultiAnalyzer by Melda Productions – Multi track spectrum, loudness, stereo analyzer and sonogram.

WaveObserver by pressplay-music

Stereo Tool by Flux – Free plugin

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