Hardstyle Elements Q&A: How to progress faster? How to get better?

“To get further and progress you need to finish tunes, otherwise you will get stuck in “perfectionism” Music production is never done, there is always room for improvement, you need to accept this, if you are just starting don’t require Yourself to be great. It’s all about creating good habits, build sounds, make tracks and learn, recycle good stuff for later use. The only reason you think you aren’t making any progress is because you compare your music to that of “professionals” all the time. Reference tracks are good, but you can’t other think that, it’s a different track, different sound design, it’s polished/mastered. They are good to give you some kind of idea where you need to go. The other thing It’s really helpful to know what type of mixes you enjoy. Study other mixes. Don’t worry you always make improvements, just listen to tracks you made 2 months ago, year ago. I bet if you do that, you will see huge improvement, if you have nothing done, there is no material you can compare to, so you don’t know where you are lacking and what needs improvement. That’s why you need to finish your tracks.”

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