Hardstyle Elements Q&A: What to use for kicks? Any Tips?

“Equalizer – to cut or boost frequencies, there is no right settings, with using eq, you can shape the sound to make your own.
Clip Distortion inside Logic Pro – set mix to full or 10-20% to avoid phase issues
Phase Distortion inside Logic Pro – Great for Reverse Bass Kick
Stereo spread inside Logic Pro – once you have some basic distorted sound try to put it between distortion plugins, and play with the settings
Trash2 by iZotope – Great Distortion with many options.
WaveShaper – It’s distortion plugin, download free plugin WaveShaper by MeldaProductions
Waveform Analyzer – to check the waveform, download free plugin S(M)exoscope by Smartelectronix
Invert the Phase – In Ableton Live use Utility plugin. This can make huge difference when layering.
Sampling – Remember any part you hear you can sample and use it for layering ”

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