55 Hardstyle Kick Templates for Logic Pro


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55 Kick Templates for Logic Pro 9 and X

Templates work fine with Logic Pro 9.1.8 and Logic Pro X

To make it less complicated, you don’t need to route just for the sake of it, if you cut right frequencies, make logical boosts and use distortion right, you can get decent results out of one channel strip. Of course to get the final results you need to make layers and make further tweaks. Keep that in mind!

Plugins required!!!

Drumazon by D16
Sonny Oxford Inflator
FabFilter Pro Q 2 & 3
FabFilter Saturn for some templates
FabFilter Pro L for some templates
iZotope Trash2 for some templates
Native Instruments Kontakt 5 some templates

All 55 samples are included and you can find them in Audio Files folder BTW Bonus Ableton Live Project.

Basically what i did here, first distorted 909 kick to fill up the spectrum and took out frequencies with eq than added another distortion, and then you can use distortion as parallel effect like you would use NY compression etc to add more harmonics to the sound. But the first 2 distortion plugins and equalizer are setting the foundation so to speak. I did some tweaks and just re saved the project, ended up with 55 lol. I hope it helps.

Big Up! Enjoy!

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