How to quickly make 808 Sound inside Ableton Live using Operator and FabFilter’s Saturn. Basically its a preset, i have load up several Saturn plugins with different settings, its easier to pick up what you need, play around with crossover to feed more harmonics to Saturn. Don’t have Saturn? i added Saturator Effect Rack, so you can get the basic idea, Play around with Drive, Base and Depth Knobs, don’t forget to change a Curve for shaping the input signal. Want more extreme effect? add Overdrive plugin before Saturator for xtra harmonics. Feeling brave? Separate your 808 in 3 different bands Low – Mid – High using effect rack  and play with these plugins. Keep lows clean, the mid will add that part we mostly hear above the fundamental, the highs will give us that distortion. You can have this chain on your 808 playing notes, or Sample the best notes and import to separate Sampler. Add the Filter Envelope etc. Done!


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