AURA Plugins has updated their Access Virus Editor to version 24.01.26

AURA Plugins has updated their Access Virus Editor to version 24.01.26. With the new update, users can expect increased transfer speeds of presets with the hardware and improved overall stability.

This update fixes 20+ issues and adds new features:

  • Added green LEDs to mini mixer view indicating if part is enabled or not.
  • Category filters has been reworked so that both categories can be set for more precise results.
  • Part Enable switch. Each part has switch to enable or disable set channel. This reduces the MIDI and SysEx data flow therefore improving performance.
  • Drag’n’drop Patches from librarian to part. Arrow will change to hand tool on top of set part name when drop can be performed.
  • Part Select right click menu. User can now select various actions like request and send data, initialize or randomize data and copy & paste data between parts.
  • Utilities menu has a new section for MIDI Preferences with Local KBD default and process DAW CC values.
  • MIDI clock signal is passed from REMOTE IN port (standalone app) to hardware.

Download update:

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